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I am a versatile designer whose main experience involves signs, specialty installations large format printing and vehicle graphics. In more than 20 years that I’ve been involved in graphics and printing, I’ve taken the lead on coordination, organization, content creation of critical portions company website’s product offering. I’ve been asked to create appropriate and interesting graphic solutions for major universities and high schools in Northwest Ohio andSoutheast Michigan. I’ve developed strategies for large-scale multimedia displays in the concept, production and installation stages of projects. I’ve been responsible for running software and hardware critical for creating and producing graphics on large and small scales. More importantly, I am about making graphics that will fit your needs. First off, your message needs to be front and center. Your message also needs to be engaging enough that it doesn’t get lost in the crowd, at the same time not lost on the viewer. Smart enough to seem clever, basic enough to appeal to the largest audience possible. That is what I want to deliver to you. Please, browse through this site for what I can offer, find some details on how to contact me, and get out my resume here.






All of these projects were designed across various materials and for different purposes. You can find more information from my print portfolio or at the portfolio sites below:




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And I’m not going to. Here’s a rough sampling from others I’ve worked with and what they have to say:

He was able to excel in every task required while other designers came and went. As the project went on, David was asked to advise on development of the project, the tools of the online software, and was even asked to oversee the remaining designers to finish out the template project.

—Chitin Proctor, manager at esigns.com

David was willing work hard to keep jobs getting through production from beginning to end, make sure he had an understanding of every production department, and was willing to see jobs through from beginning to end. He would consistently work late to make sure jobs were completed on time and correctly.

—Devin Warnock, production manager at CGS Imaging



Dave is an intelligent, capable, dedicated, and personable young man. He is always quick on his feet, with sensible reactions in all the circumstances I've seen him in. Your company will benefit greatly having David as one of your staff.

—Alan Markey, Graphic Designer at CGS Imaging



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If you’re interested, or you even just like my work, please let me know. You can call me or e-mail in the links below:


Or if social is more your liking, you can connect with me via these platforms: